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Dysphagia Duo

Cat Ludwig, RDN, LD and Stephanie Peper, CCC-SLP make up the Dysphagia Duo Team. Where nutrition and swallowing therapy meet. Introducing a speech therapist nutritionist team focusing on meeting dysphagia patient’s needs.

This partnership grew out of an identified gap in the healthcare system. Most providers tend to work in silos – meaning they only remain within their expertise and never look at how their expertise interacts with another to have a positive effect on the person needing help within the healthcare system.

Dysphagia Duo Beginnings

We (Cat and Stephanie) have worked together since 2016, first as an employer-employee relationship (Stephanie and her husband owned a restaurant and hired myself and my husband) and then as co-workers in a skilled nursing facility. I ran the dietary department and Stephanie ran the therapy department at the first facility from 2017 – 2018.

We then transferred to another nursing facility (each for different reason) within the same company, Stephanie continued to run a therapy department and I took over dietitian duties for multiple facilities.

We worked together at these facilities to address patients with swallowing difficulties and how to meet their nutritional needs. I consulted Stephanie regularly on appropriateness of dysphagia diet menu items, diet textures, and liquid consistencies in order to safely get food and drinks into patients and prevent weight loss and other health problems.

In July 2019 I left my position with the nursing home and became a renal dietitian with another company. Stephanie has continued as the Therapy Director. Each of us have known there were gaps in the healthcare system when it comes to meeting needs. But in 2022 I became discontent and knew I needed to make a change in order to help more people.

My passion for managing dysphagia diets was still present, so with the help of a mentor I started this blog. I was introduced to the world of Entrepreneurship and became enthralled with the idea of meeting people’s nutritional needs outside of the traditional healthcare system. I gave my notice at my job and decided to develop a program for helping people with swallowing disorders improve their nutrition.

Forming a New Partnership

Stephanie and I have maintained our friendship over the years. When I told her of my plan to help this specific group, she thought it was a fantastic idea and wanted to be involved. I introduced her to multiple Dysphagia support groups on Facebook. After reading through their discussions, we discovered that many people with dysphagia are very young! And even more importantly, we have the ability to help them!

Dysphagia Duo Mission

Our mission is to bring clarity, simplicity, and resources to people with swallowing difficulties. These people are not currently getting the help they need. We believe we can provide help with meeting those needs.

Work With Us

Do you, or someone you know, need help managing Dysphagia symptoms? We are ready and willing to take on new clients. Our goal is to help you improve your quality of life through nutrition and swallowing therapy. Click here to book a strategy call with us.

Not Ready Yet? That’s ok!

Please check us out on Facebook and Instagram. We want to provide value and resources to you weekly. We do weekly cooking/blending demos and discuss the best appliances and equipment to make your dysphagia diet level easier to prepare.


Send us a question, comment, or suggestion at dysphagiaduo@gmail.com.


Click here to send us a message!

We look forward to hearing from you! Best of luck on your Dysphagia journey!

Cat & Steph at Chili's restaurant with their Blendjet blender
Cat & Steph at Chili’s restaurant with their Blendjet
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