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This page is a compilation of Dysphagia resources that are already out in the world. I am bringing as many tools, tips and tricks together so you can easily find what you are looking for. How do you prepare food to meet your dysphagia needs? Where can I find recipes? Are there other people like me that are struggling with the same issues? Using the right tools and getting a little bit creative will help. I am providing a list of tools and links to find and research what is best for you. I am of course, available as a resources as well.

Blenders, Mixers, and Other Tools

I am a huge fan of the Vitamix blender. It gets food completely smooth with no lumps. I prefer the blender bowl that is wider so I can get all the food out of it without as much trouble.

You can also buy an attachment for blending smoothies directly into the cup and then adding on a lid. Great for meals on the go.

Choose a food processor that is easy to clean and does several jobs, including chopping, mincing, slicing, shredding, and pureeing.

There are many sizes and options available. Do your research and find one that fits your needs.

This is the exact one I have (but I bought it at Costco). This hand tool is great for several reasons: It doesn’t take up too much space and it has attachments that make blending, stirring, and chopping easy and convenient. It is also easy to clean.

Most companies make stick, or immersion, blenders so they are much easier to find than they used to be.

A knife won’t work for everyone, so how do you cut those foods up? A food chopper can be incredibly helpful if you are not able to safely use a kitchen knife. It’s dishwasher safe and doesn’t take up too much space. You can use it for almost every type of food.

This chopper option has a great container underneath so you don’t make a mess. It also has a mandolin (slicer) option as well.

This mini grinder is found on Amazon. Its designed for baby food. It has 2 speeds for either soft or hard foods.

This piece of equipment is a great option for anyone with Dysphagia that needs ground meats, vegetables, etc.

Ninja sells an all-in-one blender-food processor that also comes with a single serve smoothie cup.

This machine is likely to meet all your blending needs and is safe for both hot and cold foods. It can tolerate blending for long time periods which is great for getting food extra smooth.

Portable Blenders

Need a way to puree foods on the go? Try a portable blender. I chose this one because it has many reviews (over 96,000), and the majority of them are 4 & 5 stars. It also comes in several colors.

(Full disclosure, I did buy a “Pop Babies” blender on Amazon and it did not perform well. Steer clear)

Ninja is a fantastic, reputable brand. They recently released this portable, cordless, rechargeable personal-sized blender.

It comes with a sip-able lid and holds 18 oz capacity. Many of the parts are dishwasher safe but is also easy to clean by adding soap and water and running the blend cycle.

My favorite portable blender is the BlendJet 2, which must be purchased from the retail website. They have amazing customer service and the additional coverage is totally worth it (I’ve had to use it twice already). Plus, they have sales often and also offer protein powders and meal replacements. The ones I have tried all tasted delicious.


The only gel thickener on the market. Simply Thick produces consistent results and is tasteless.

This product is a bit more expensive but does a fantastic job of thickening as expected. If you buy the pump, follow the instructions for getting your desired thickness. Their website also has many resources.

Dysphagia Aide is a high quality, powder thickener (that is also cost effective).

It has no taste and thickens as expected.
Made by a woman-owned company, Elaine does a wonderful job of addressing the needs of the Dysphagia population

Another high quality powdered thickener for ages 1 year and up. This options is tasteless and thickens well. Available in packets or a jar.

This company also makes a version specific for infants called GelMix. Visit their website to learn more.

This company makes powdered thickener but they are most known for their premixed thickened beverages.

Available in mildly or moderately thick, they offer water, juice, coffee, and electrolyte beverages.

They also sell several pureed canned foods as well.

IDDSIFramwork explains levels 0-7. Two pyramids next to each other, one is upside down, with the levels listed and the tips of the pyramids showing levels 3 and 4 overlap for both liquids and solids.

This powder is available in most stores and online. It is added to many foods that you already buy and is the main ingredient in many Dysphagia thickeners.

You may want to purchase and experiment with it in food and liquids to reach your desired thickness.

When I worked for nursing homes, we would use the thickener that was what we called “formulary”. I would call the Simply Thick representative and ask for samples. It tasted better (as in, didn’t have a taste) and did a great job of thickening liquids to the correct consistency. You can also buy single packets that are great for traveling and eating out.

Some thickeners thicken instantly, others take five to ten minutes. It is important to know how long it takes and also how long to store it (refrigerated) before consuming and after mixing. Please read the instructions!

The IDDSI website also has great resources for understanding how thick your liquid should be. Of course, I can help with this as well, just shoot me a message and let me know you need some assistance!

Other Helpful Items

Sometimes having a drinking vessel that works to meet your needs can be invaluable. This cup limits the amount of thin liquid that can be drunk in 1 sip. It allows either a 10mL or 5mL amount to limit the amount of liquid to help you manage your fluids safely.

The 5mL cup on Amazon in $49.99. The handles can be removed if desired and it is top rack dishwasher safe.

Provale cups are used for drinking thin liquids safely. Your SLP can tell you whether this is a good option for you.

This straw only allows a few mL of liquid for each sip to reduce your risk of aspirating. Click above to learn more.

Straws can be helpful for some people and harmful for others. Talk to your Speech Therapist about whether this option may benefit you.

The SafeStraw is available on Amazon for around $20.00. You can buy it either for thin liquids or nectar thick liquid consistency.

Dysphagia Resource Books, Cookbooks, etc.

I highly recommend reading reviews on any cookbooks that are Dysphagia related before you buy. Not everyone understands that Dysphagia means a wide range of issues and food textures and buying a book without first reading it may leave you frustrated and angry about spending money on something that will not help you.

Please know, I do my best to recommend books that are reviewed and written by people and professionals that understand Dysphagia and how to manage it. I try not to waste your time with resources that will not provide you any value.

Dysphagia Naturally by Julia Tuchman

In her book, Julia discusses Dysphagia from the first-hand perspective of someone dealing with this diagnosis. She has gathered resources for years and wants to share her experience and knowledge with those who need it.

Book called Dysphagia Naturally. Tips, Tools, and Resources for patients with swallowing disorders. By Julia S. Tuchman.

Support Groups

Lastly, lets talk about where to find other people just like you!

Facebook Groups

Next, take your search to Facebook. Here are a few food and nutrition type groups on Facebook:

Finding Dysphagia related groups on Facebook is easy to do. There are many people in the universe that understand what you are going through. Reach out to them and a world of community will be opened up to you.

There are many other groups available on Facebook that provide resources and information on managing dysphagia.


Searching for “Dysphagia” on Instagram will open a world of resources to you as well. There are many graphics (pictures and videos) that teach in easy terms how to understand what may be going on in your body.

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